Ho, Ho, Ho-rrible Santas!

Maintaining a positive image is an ongoing struggle for Santa. Breaking and entering through mystical powers, obtaining data concerning personal behavior through undisclosed sources, and consuming an unhealthy diet despite obesity issues threaten to mottle his reputation. As a Christmas celebrator and St. Nick fan I’m doing my part in helping Father Christmas maintain a… Continue reading Ho, Ho, Ho-rrible Santas!

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Elf On Shelf And Mensch On A Bench Take On Newsmakers

Peppermint Cocobee and Moshe Toystein (an Elf on the Shelf Santa Scout and Mensch on a Bench Value Keeper respectively) reinvented their holiday roles this season.   Traditionally families adopted Scout Elves to ensure that Santa received daily reports regarding their behavior. The data confirmed naughty and/or nice performance and qualified individuals for either one… Continue reading Elf On Shelf And Mensch On A Bench Take On Newsmakers

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Dropping A Few Lines About Lines

Johnny Cash walked it, Texans danced it, and Donald Trump crossed it. The above lines refer to Cash’s lifestyle, "Achy Breaky Heart" choreography, and Donald’s policies. Since I prefer rock music, can’t dance well, and am a Democrat I find all of these lines annoying. Almost as annoying as the lines I stood in during… Continue reading Dropping A Few Lines About Lines

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Bah Humbug Bread

Change dragged me by the ear, kicking and screaming, from present familiar situation to vague new future situation. My attempts at tiptoeing around this sleeping Cyclops of Change failed miserably. In spite of every avoidance measure taken, the Cyclops awakened, scooped me up, and thrusted me into the unknown. He set me down among the… Continue reading Bah Humbug Bread