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Mosquitoes and the Open Polygon of Life Theory

It may have been the wisdom of Buddha or Nietzsche or Rafiki who taught that life is a circle . . . and for the most part it is. There’s the mind-boggling Circle of Life enormity of birth, life, and death. Then there’s the mildly irritating Circle of Life in my frig. Last week’s heap… Continue reading Mosquitoes and the Open Polygon of Life Theory

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Wanted: New Grocery Store Jobs

Alexander Acosta, the Secretary of Labor, needs our help! According to a recent Labor Department data release “job creation fell sharply in May with just 138,000 new positions created.” Alex sits atop an organizational flowchart of the Department of Labor outlining various departments and responsibilities. It looks like a complicated maze that dilutes ideas from… Continue reading Wanted: New Grocery Store Jobs


Life Reframed

These? Wrinkles? No way! They’re laugh lines! Where’d I buy my leather jacket? I’ve had it a while. It’s vintage! Hope you enjoy Cajun! I decided to blacken the fish. Making peace with my mature complexion instead of Botox injections, wearing my suede coat from the 80’s rather than straining my budget, passing off my… Continue reading Life Reframed

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Bunco Destroys Brain Cells

Scientists, after a seven year controlled study, concluded Bunco, a popular dice game, destroyed ten thousand brain cells during each round of the game. Six rounds per game, three games per session, and twelve sessions per year totaled precisely 216,000 brain cells lost annually. Cat Scans documented shortened axons, extinguished dendrites, and worst of all… Continue reading Bunco Destroys Brain Cells