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Winter Living Events

While Mikaela Shiffrin, Arnd Peiffer, and the duo Lawes and Morris competed in Winter Olympic Events like the Giant Slalom, Biathlon, and Curling in Pyeongchang, Mike (my Significant Other) and I participated in Winter Living Events in Illinois. Both Winter Events (Olympic and Living) required skill! Pothole Slalom USA ‘s Mikaela Shiffrin gold medal performance… Continue reading Winter Living Events

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Blackie’s Revenge

Little did I know that cutting down an Emerald Ash Borer infested tree would result in retribution from the seemingly calm Black Walnut alongside my home. For years Blackie behaved like Black Walnut trees typically behave. He sprouted leaves in spring, casted shade in summer, dropped nuts and leaves in fall, and like the rest… Continue reading Blackie’s Revenge

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Rocky Risks

Moose blocking your trail? Wait patiently, keep your distance, and step behind a tree. Bear halting your hike? Speak softly, back up, and ready your pepper spray. Boulders falling at random? Read warnings, drive forward, and cross your fingers. I waited patiently for a bull, cow, and calf moose to clear my path at Isle… Continue reading Rocky Risks

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Solar Eclipse Myths Not As Scary As Black Holes, September 23rd, Or Popsicles!

Vikings thought that a gigantic skywolf devouring the sun caused an eclipse. Koreans believed that firedogs stealing the sun blotted it out. Hindus held that a headless demon, Rahu, consuming the sun turned the sky dark. Good thing the ancient Vikings and Koreans and Hindus didn’t connect to the Internet because there are more alarming… Continue reading Solar Eclipse Myths Not As Scary As Black Holes, September 23rd, Or Popsicles!

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Mosquitoes and the Open Polygon of Life Theory

It may have been the wisdom of Buddha or Nietzsche or Rafiki who taught that life is a circle . . . and for the most part it is. There’s the mind-boggling Circle of Life enormity of birth, life, and death. Then there’s the mildly irritating Circle of Life in my frig. Last week’s heap… Continue reading Mosquitoes and the Open Polygon of Life Theory