Greece Meets Figurative Language 102

While listening to a mandolin player in a village square, touring a vineyard outside of Meteora, and tasting Greek wine in Athens my writer’s brain conjured experiences into figurative language . . . again. Simile is a comparison of two things using the word "as" or "like". (Agile Mandolin Musician) The mandolin player was as… Continue reading Greece Meets Figurative Language 102


Greece Meets Figurative Language 101

Winding through Cretan mountains, exploring ancient Mycenae, feasting on local fare my writer’s mind transcribed images into figurative language.  Hyperbole is an outrageous exaggeration to make a point.    (GPS Map image of Cretan roads) “In one-tenth kilometer make a sharp left. In one-tenth kilometer make a sharp right. In one-tenth kilometer make a sharp left.… Continue reading Greece Meets Figurative Language 101

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Travel Travails: The What Ifs

The “what ifs” bullied their way into my carry on bag expanding it to a steamer trunk that needed checking and a porter. In my past journeys, these “what ifs” won the packing battle. Medical What Ifs: What if my glasses break? (I bought a glass repair kit.) What if I lose my glasses? (I… Continue reading Travel Travails: The What Ifs

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Making Stuff Up

Somewhere between my second and third Caicos Sunset Rum Punch   a bird of prey swooped low over the beach. His talons clutched a sizable fish. Had his catch been listed on Da Conch Shackmenu, it would have set us back about $30.  “What was that?” I asked Mike. “Amazing,” he answered. Hawk? Eagle? The birder in me… Continue reading Making Stuff Up

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Not Clammed Up

The clamming rake looked like a murder weapon, and from a clam’s point of view that’s exactly what it was. The rake leaned against the clam basket, a container constructed out of wire mesh. It appeared that the clammer (that would be me) swung the rake into the sand unearthing the sought after shellfish and… Continue reading Not Clammed Up