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Directionally Challenged

I have no sense of direction. I know I have no sense of direction. Whatever chemical or brain part or chromosome responsible for this trait is missing a molecule or neuron or gene in my body. However navigational technology changed my life. Now I am able to negotiate entire neighborhoods confident that I won’t be… Continue reading Directionally Challenged

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Phubbing Forgiven

I tap the send button on my iPhone launching the required text and photo to my supervisor. Although I could shoot a video of me pouring samples while determining my exact location via the GPS then posting it on Facebook, I don’t. I’m working. As a Consumer Educator or Beer Ambassador for several beer companies,… Continue reading Phubbing Forgiven

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Plugins, and Domains, and Widgets! O Het!

It’s a scary world out there – the cyberworld that is. One wrong click and your blog could land on a Russian hacker’s screen. He might have connections with the Bratva, Russia’s mafia, who has Putin in their pocket. (Or it might be the other way around. I haven’t watched John Oliver lately so I… Continue reading Plugins, and Domains, and Widgets! O Het!