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Not Always On The Safe Side

Hesitation stalled my poised spoon as it hovered above the frosty ice cream Brandy Alexander. With a past health history of lactose and glucose intolerances I weighed the consequences of diving into the creamy drink. Fat chance that my intestines wouldn’t bloat or my A1C wouldn’t rise. Then I plunged in headfirst. Little Risk, Little… Continue reading Not Always On The Safe Side

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A Detailed Thinker Gets The Big Picture

“We should have the pontoon delivered before we leave for Italy,” said Mike, my significant other. “Then we’ll be ready to cruise when we return.” “If we do that, we might have motor problems since it ‘ll be unused for a few weeks,” I said. ”Then there’s the heron trouble.” Last summer a great blue… Continue reading A Detailed Thinker Gets The Big Picture

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Food for Thought

Star Nosed Mole Versus Three Toed Sloth Not another pour of wine, I thought to myself, as Mike glugged an ounce or two of Merlot into his glass. Mike didn’t drink too much. He drank (and ate) too slowly. I had finished my salad, mushroom topped sirloin, and side of lemon pepper asparagus ten minutes… Continue reading Food for Thought

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Getting Back In Step

“Maybe it’s because we’ve been in the house too long,” said Mike.  He attributed our recent quarrel about the proper way of seasoning our new skillet (I know, we have critical arguments.) to a long stretch of bad weather induced close quarters. The stakes for using an improperly seasoned pan weren’t dire, annoying, but not… Continue reading Getting Back In Step

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A Laughing Matter

Santa’s coming to town soon and whether you believe or don’t believe (I fall somewhere between.) he has a message for all and it’s not what the song touts. “You better watch out.”  Although this advice is sound the word “better” flavors the advice with a threat. “You better not cry.”  Crying is cathartic. This… Continue reading A Laughing Matter