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Sitting Situations

“What are we doing?” I asked Mike. I plopped down into the redwood cushioned chair on the front porch, a low wooden table between us. I’d watered the planters, weeded around the sitooterie, and refilled the hummingbird feeders. Before embarking on my next task, I checked with Mike to see if he had plans in… Continue reading Sitting Situations

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Move A Muscle

When I’m sitting I think, “Why am I just sitting here?” So I stand. Then I think, “If I’m standing I might as well do my stretches.” So I stretch. Then I think, “Since I’m stretching, I might as well walk.” So I walk. Then I think, “Biking is faster than walking. If I ride… Continue reading Move A Muscle

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Breathing A Word (Actually Breathing Lots of Words)

Turtles breathe out of their butts. After solving Wordle, gauging how unexciting my life was compared to EVERYONE on Facebook, and how many digits the latest Covid variant name included (I think we’re at a bazillion.) the nurse popped in and said that the doctor would be here soon. I know,I know. Adieu is the… Continue reading Breathing A Word (Actually Breathing Lots of Words)

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Scoring a Vaccination Ticket

Bumper-to-bumper baby boomers inched forward in their autos to score a Moderna or Pfizer fix at popup vaccination centers nationwide. Drowsy retirees snoozed in lawn chairs waiting in predawn hours to roll up their sleeves and receive their ticket out of confinement and a measure of safety. A pandemic door opened a crack and hope… Continue reading Scoring a Vaccination Ticket