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Making Up With Make Up

I’m usually BEHIND the camera, not in front. After scrolling through a friend’s photos, I groaned at the images of me she captured.  Looking pastier than Elmer’s School Glue I decided I needed either a mask or a face-lift.  Both had advantages. An inexpensive mask would cover completely. A face-lift would lift out the wrinkles then… Continue reading Making Up With Make Up


Amazon-Kohl Tag Team Or How I Spent More Than Intended

I could have fit both my feet into one of the Cozia Travel Swim Fins recently delivered by Amazon. Wrong size. They had to go back.  Smart me, I thought, ordering from Amazon with quick delivery and easy return to Kohl’s. Simply request a refund online. Receive a return code. Drop by a conveniently located… Continue reading Amazon-Kohl Tag Team Or How I Spent More Than Intended


Confronting The Flashing Amber Light

I’m not fond of amber lights. They’re too demanding. My Acura dashboard amber light popped on indicating that my SUV needed attention even though it didn’t. Pat, the mechanic, had tuned whatever needed to be tuned. Rotated whatever needed rotating. Changed whatever various liquids needed to be changed. What he didn’t do was reset the… Continue reading Confronting The Flashing Amber Light

Everyday Epiphany, humor

When One Thing Leads To Another

“This is a contract between the Artist (consignee) Anita Borgo and KISMET LLC . . .” I signed the contract and just like that I was an artist . . . at least legally. Four months ago I wasn’t an artist in any sense of the word. Writer, yes. Artist, no. Then when planning the rehearsal… Continue reading When One Thing Leads To Another

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Creating Problems

“Some people create their own storms and then get mad when it rains.” Unknown Unknown is brilliant! Her astute insights into life put perspective into mine.  I often cause my own problems. Fern Problem After paying for a truckload of mulch and hauling wheelbarrows of it to the backyard, I decided to plant ferns in… Continue reading Creating Problems