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If Brown Headed Cowbirds Could Drive

As an avid birder and a member of the Backyard Birdwatcher Facebook Group, a heated discussion regarding cowbirds arose. (By heated I mean an increase in the amount of exclamation marks employed when conveying opinions in comments. That’s about as heated as we mild-mannered backyard birders get.) Brown headed cowbirds rank high on the nuisance… Continue reading If Brown Headed Cowbirds Could Drive

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Scoring a Vaccination Ticket

Bumper-to-bumper baby boomers inched forward in their autos to score a Moderna or Pfizer fix at popup vaccination centers nationwide. Drowsy retirees snoozed in lawn chairs waiting in predawn hours to roll up their sleeves and receive their ticket out of confinement and a measure of safety. A pandemic door opened a crack and hope… Continue reading Scoring a Vaccination Ticket

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Cockatiel Blogger: My Fails

Squeaks, my rescue cockatiel, cultivated a passion for blogging. I provided him with his own blog (or bloggo as Squeakers calls it) "Squeaks Says." However, Squeaky Pie journaled a recent event. I thought his message worthwhile so I'm allowing him to post on "A Few Choice Words" as well. I'd appreciate it if you'd follow… Continue reading Cockatiel Blogger: My Fails

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Rescue Cockatiel Blogger At It Again: No Fair Song!

Squeaks, my rescue cockatiel, is at it again! Once again, Squeaky Pie, managed to post on my website. This time he's protesting a Christmas song (or Christymas song in cockatiel talk). I've decided not only to let his post stand, but to give Mr. Squeaks his own page on my author website. Check out his… Continue reading Rescue Cockatiel Blogger At It Again: No Fair Song!

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Not As Easy As Pie: Learning About Turnovers

I baked my first and last cherry turnovers! These rude pastries refused to suck it up and politely bake. Give me well behaved cookies or a disciplined pie anytime! The mushy fruit yielded an unpleasant texture. Perhaps the turnovers thought their lineage entitled them to special treatment. Ancestors of my dessert, pasties, appeared in “The… Continue reading Not As Easy As Pie: Learning About Turnovers