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Save The Word! And This Isn’t Brabble!

I save leftovers. (Meatloaf sandwich, anyone?) I save the elephants. (Ornaments from World Wildlife Fund, Merry Christmas, Jack and Leila!)  I save time. (Pack the perishables in one bag and cans in the second. I’ll carry the toilet paper under one arm and loop my finger through the milk gallon jug. Receipt? Tuck that in… Continue reading Save The Word! And This Isn’t Brabble!


Lost And Found Car

“Was it turn left at the fountain or the fountain was on my left. Would it still be on my left, or should I look right?” I switched my packages to the other arm as I wandered Old Orchard Mall hunting for my lost car.  Often times my car was lost, but generally that was… Continue reading Lost And Found Car

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Good Enough

15 Benjamins, 300 fivers, 1,500 smackeroos! $1500 – a pile of cash, a wad of dough, a stack of moolah, with which I didn’t want to part. . . . and the “leather expert” I called for a quote to restore my suite of armchair, ottoman, and sofa did. Our phone conversation went something like… Continue reading Good Enough