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Dear Summer, It’s You, Not Me

Dear Summer, It wasn’t easy for me to accept the end of our relationship. You’re the one who chose to leave. It’s you, not me! I may no longer have you in my life, but I have the memories. We'd plan our day. Would we bike familar paths? Photo by Philipp M on Pexels.com We… Continue reading Dear Summer, It’s You, Not Me


National ___________ Day!

Fill in the title blank with a random noun and more than likely there is a special day set aside to celebrate your chosen random noun. Uncelebrated “National Celebratory Days” increased on my “Oops! Didn’t Know About That” list.   I completely missed the September 22nd National Daughter Day. My son’s wife is like a daughter… Continue reading National ___________ Day!


Travel Travails: Surprising Greece

Oopah! Greece! Not so much! Don’t get me wrong. The historic immersive Athenian experience put me in wonderful places like scaling the plateau to the Parthenon, wandering the ruins of Hadrian’s library, or standing under Hadrian’s arch (Hadrian the Greek loving Roman emperor got around), but it did not put me in an oopah place! … Continue reading Travel Travails: Surprising Greece