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Blogiversary- I made that word up. I know for sure because I didn’t read it on the Internet when I Googled it. Blogiversary is a portmanteau. A portmanteau is a combination of two blended words with two blended meanings, like a sloppy compound word. Think smog (smoke + fog) or fenemy (friend + enemy). I… Continue reading Blogiversary

Everyday Epiphany, humor

Scary Drawer

I inch open the middle drawer of my bureau . . . the one sandwiched between the one that holds my long sleeved t-shirts and the other that contains my jeans. The time has come. I procrastinate long enough.   “After Valentine’s Day,” I had said to myself leaving an open-ended loophole. Trinidads tasted. Roses… Continue reading Scary Drawer

Everyday Epiphany, humor

A Hairy Situation

“Eeek! I’ve gone skunk!” wailed my part! “I prefer to compare myself to Helen Mirren,” my temples countered with a distinguished tone. Skunk or Mirren either way I wished my graying roots and streaked temples had phoned for a hair appointment, because I had forgotten. Now it was too late! Kim, my uptown stylist, in… Continue reading A Hairy Situation

Everyday Epiphany, humor

My Date With Destiny

“Deal with your stress,” said Destiny. No metaphor here. Destiny actually spoke those words. I had scheduled my annual appointment for a free fitness analysis through Centegra Hospital in early March with Emilee, the trainer. At least I thought I had. The confirmation email reminded me about my appointment in late February with Destiny. Someone… Continue reading My Date With Destiny

Everyday Epiphany, humor

The $5 Movie Ticket, Or So They Say

Reclining seats and 3D effects and bars in the theater lobby inflate a movie date night to the point where a home equity loan is required (which by the way wouldn’t be tax deductible in 2018). I can do without these accouterments. The reclining seats induce a doze causing me to miss critical plot points… Continue reading The $5 Movie Ticket, Or So They Say