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The Perishable Plan That Perished

“The milk is sour, Anita,” said Mike as he spooned Nestle’s Original Coffee Mate into his coffee. Crying Over Spilt Milk The dairy members of our refrigerator community had become passive aggressive. We abandoned them during our eight-day Florida vacation and they had turned on us. The bottom third of the 2% Prairie Farms Milk… Continue reading The Perishable Plan That Perished

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Food for Thought

Star Nosed Mole Versus Three Toed Sloth Not another pour of wine, I thought to myself, as Mike glugged an ounce or two of Merlot into his glass. Mike didn’t drink too much. He drank (and ate) too slowly. I had finished my salad, mushroom topped sirloin, and side of lemon pepper asparagus ten minutes… Continue reading Food for Thought

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Getting Back In Step

“Maybe it’s because we’ve been in the house too long,” said Mike.  He attributed our recent quarrel about the proper way of seasoning our new skillet (I know, we have critical arguments.) to a long stretch of bad weather induced close quarters. The stakes for using an improperly seasoned pan weren’t dire, annoying, but not… Continue reading Getting Back In Step

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Not As Easy As Pie: Learning About Turnovers

I baked my first and last cherry turnovers! These rude pastries refused to suck it up and politely bake. Give me well behaved cookies or a disciplined pie anytime! The mushy fruit yielded an unpleasant texture. Perhaps the turnovers thought their lineage entitled them to special treatment. Ancestors of my dessert, pasties, appeared in “The… Continue reading Not As Easy As Pie: Learning About Turnovers

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Little Adventure In Game Creating: The Tupperware Challenge

“A creative eye transforms the ordinary into an adventure.”- Anita Borgo Navel engineer, Richard James, cast an eye upon the tension spring he developed for a battleship. As the spring, well, sprung after he dropped it, he thought it would be a great toy. In 1943 the Slinky slunk to Gimbels. While installing a light… Continue reading Little Adventure In Game Creating: The Tupperware Challenge