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Protests And Riots About A Nut And Nutella

The Trumpster attended the Word Economic Forum in Devos, Switzerland on Thursday, which didn’t please all the Swiss. Campax, Swiss activists for a green economy, hung a “Trump Not Welcome” banner on a mountainside near Sargans, which isn’t by Devos. They thought Donald might see it when he flew over. That’s a big “might.” He… Continue reading Protests And Riots About A Nut And Nutella

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Bah Humbug Bread

Change dragged me by the ear, kicking and screaming, from present familiar situation to vague new future situation. My attempts at tiptoeing around this sleeping Cyclops of Change failed miserably. In spite of every avoidance measure taken, the Cyclops awakened, scooped me up, and thrusted me into the unknown. He set me down among the… Continue reading Bah Humbug Bread

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Small Things In Life Deserve A Big Thank You, Too!

Thank you very much, world! Thank you for a clever son, a funny brother, and a fiancé who tracks down unique recipes and whips them up for me! (Poblano Pepper Soup is my latest favorite.) Thank you for extended family, long time friends, and doodle dogs that keep life interesting! Thank you for sound health,… Continue reading Small Things In Life Deserve A Big Thank You, Too!

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It’s Oktoberfest- Eat Your Beer!

October brings beer to mind. (So do the other eleven months, but it’s October now.) While skimming USA Today, my eyes tripped across the headline “Cleveland's Brewnuts makes doughnuts with beer”. Alert to unusual and successful ideas I read on. The brewers at Brewnuts combined good beer with good doughnuts made from beer and sold… Continue reading It’s Oktoberfest- Eat Your Beer!