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The Perishable Plan That Perished

“The milk is sour, Anita,” said Mike as he spooned Nestle’s Original Coffee Mate into his coffee. Crying Over Spilt Milk The dairy members of our refrigerator community had become passive aggressive. We abandoned them during our eight-day Florida vacation and they had turned on us. The bottom third of the 2% Prairie Farms Milk… Continue reading The Perishable Plan That Perished


Lobbing Back Life’s Lemons

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The witty Erma Bombeck or the perky Edith Bunker or the CEO of ReaLemon may have coined that adage, but if you do so you are missing a prime opportunity of getting even with life. The recommended behavior of juicing those lemons is too passive for me. Lemons,… Continue reading Lobbing Back Life’s Lemons