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The Perishable Plan That Perished

“The milk is sour, Anita,” said Mike as he spooned Nestle’s Original Coffee Mate into his coffee. Crying Over Spilt Milk The dairy members of our refrigerator community had become passive aggressive. We abandoned them during our eight-day Florida vacation and they had turned on us. The bottom third of the 2% Prairie Farms Milk… Continue reading The Perishable Plan That Perished

Cooking, Everyday Epiphany, humor

Little Adventure In Game Creating: The Tupperware Challenge

“A creative eye transforms the ordinary into an adventure.”- Anita Borgo Navel engineer, Richard James, cast an eye upon the tension spring he developed for a battleship. As the spring, well, sprung after he dropped it, he thought it would be a great toy. In 1943 the Slinky slunk to Gimbels. While installing a light… Continue reading Little Adventure In Game Creating: The Tupperware Challenge

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Overeat On Thanksgiving

Don the trousers with “give” in the waist, ditch the fitted sheath, or go all out and wear sweat pants. It’s your duty as an appreciative daughter or son (fill in family member status here), food lover, and global citizen to overeat on Thanksgiving Day. If an eye rolling dinner guest does just that when asked… Continue reading Overeat On Thanksgiving