Out and About

I’m Anita and welcome to the “I’m shutting up and doing it” stage of my life.

The writer in me wanted out. A full-let-everyone-know out. A you’re-committed-no-going-back out. A publicly-embarrassed-if you-suck out. So I am now letting everyone know that I’m committed to writing funny. I hope I don’t suck at it.

A Few Choice Words is an outlet for my thoughts about life. Actually it’s more of an escape hatch. When my ideas ricochet around my skull too long, unsuspecting random citizens become targets for questions like “Don’t you think a law against growing a beard without an accompanying mustache is a good idea?” (On this topic, the Amish would be exempt.) So this Blog will keep the public safe from inane questions, unless they choose to read and maybe respond to them online. Then they have no one to blame but themselves.

For most of my life I held the “grown up” job of teaching. Now I’m a sometime substitute teacher where I still have to act like an adult when I’m walking the kids down the hall.

I’m also a “consumer educator.” That’s my “not so grown up job” of dispensing wine and spirit samples at supermarkets and liquor stores. Occasionally my worlds collide. At Binny’s a seven year old will ask me if I’ll be subbing in her room while I’m explaining the merits of having premade martinis to her parents.

And now I’m a writer, too, because I said so.