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Not Always On The Safe Side

Hesitation stalled my poised spoon as it hovered above the frosty ice cream Brandy Alexander. With a past health history of lactose and glucose intolerances I weighed the consequences of diving into the creamy drink. Fat chance that my intestines wouldn’t bloat or my A1C wouldn’t rise. Then I plunged in headfirst. Little Risk, Little… Continue reading Not Always On The Safe Side

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Appreciating Unartificial Intelligence

 AI here! AI there! AI everywhere! If you haven’t heard about Artificial Intelligence, once you’re rescued from that desert island where you’ve been stranded, Google it.  If you do, you’ve used AI and AI used you. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a buzzword that pestered me to the point where I needed to swat it… Continue reading Appreciating Unartificial Intelligence

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A Good Habit Gone Bad

Vince Vaughn waterskied circles around my raft as I packed my bag preparing to retreat to the hilltop compound. Vince Vaughn skied circles around my raft “Your turn, Anita,” he shouted above the motor’s roar. He jumped the wake. I thumbs-upped his athleticism, but pointed to the sprawling, two story lake home. Declining Vince’s offer… Continue reading A Good Habit Gone Bad

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A Detailed Thinker Gets The Big Picture

“We should have the pontoon delivered before we leave for Italy,” said Mike, my significant other. “Then we’ll be ready to cruise when we return.” “If we do that, we might have motor problems since it ‘ll be unused for a few weeks,” I said. ”Then there’s the heron trouble.” Last summer a great blue… Continue reading A Detailed Thinker Gets The Big Picture

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The Perishable Plan That Perished

“The milk is sour, Anita,” said Mike as he spooned Nestle’s Original Coffee Mate into his coffee. Crying Over Spilt Milk The dairy members of our refrigerator community had become passive aggressive. We abandoned them during our eight-day Florida vacation and they had turned on us. The bottom third of the 2% Prairie Farms Milk… Continue reading The Perishable Plan That Perished