Sitting Down Caused Rusty Microwave

Before zapping my lukewarm java to an acceptable temp for caffeine transfer to my blood stream, I noticed a rust spot on the microwave door.  “That’s not good,” Mike commented when I pointed it out to him. The Worry When Mike who never worried about anything said, “That’s not good” to me who always worried… Continue reading Sitting Down Caused Rusty Microwave

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First Grade Bingo

First graders LOVE their teacher. I’m a teacher, but a substitute teacher, not THEIR teacher. For first graders there is NO substitute for their teacher.  Skeptical eyes surveyed me.  To their credit, they withheld judgment. They weren’t overly critical when I failed to pause by the tiled area in front of the office on the… Continue reading First Grade Bingo

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Silly To Serious About Helium? Go Figure?

As the creator of the Nonsense Chronicles (See posts “The Nonsense Chronicles: Spying on Tomatoes” and “The Nonsense Chronicles: One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Lore”.) as well as Chuckle Photography (See posts “Chuckle Photography” and “Chuckle Photography: Sign Pondering”.) I intended to use pounds of silliness seasoned with a handful of sarcasm and a… Continue reading Silly To Serious About Helium? Go Figure?


Reaching An Inane Goal

A question has tugged at the periphery of my consciousness for several years now. Never addressing the subject directly, it nagged relentlessly. The end of 2018 seemed a fitting time to fully explore an answer. Perhaps satisfying the pesky query would leave me to ponder more serious issues in 2019. The Question Is it possible… Continue reading Reaching An Inane Goal


Christmas Note To Self

Christmas Polish Bread Baked  Check! Christmas Cookies Delivered Check! Christmas Presents Wrapped Check! No, Uncheck That One! With great satisfactions I checked off items on my Holiday To Do list, but ran into a snag on the wrapping task. As the heap of naked boxes diminished and the stacks of decorated and bowed presents increased… Continue reading Christmas Note To Self