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The Bickering Of Outside And Inside

Sunshine streamed through the sheers. While in the hazy transition from sleep to full alertness I thought about how my Sunday would unfold. Outside beckoned with enticing rays while inside summoned me with my good intentions.  The breeze brought a tense bickering to my slumbering ears. I eavesdropped as Outside and Inside decided my day’s… Continue reading The Bickering Of Outside And Inside

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Substitute Teacher Chronicles: Thinking Like A First Grader

My line of first graders quietly snaked behind me on our way to the cafeteria.  Shepherding a classroom of hungry seven (or so) year olds in an orderly fashion to lunch and subsequent recess was a coup especially if you’re not their REAL teacher, but a substitute. Furthermore, they had just escaped the clutches of the… Continue reading Substitute Teacher Chronicles: Thinking Like A First Grader

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Pocket These Thoughts

The group’s simultaneous audible intake of breath deemed the sight incredible. Was the reaction to a quadruple rainbow after a drenching? Hardly Was the effect from a panoramic vista following an arduous climb? Not at all Was the response to a daring rescue in the midst of a dangerous situation? Negative A table ringed with… Continue reading Pocket These Thoughts


Finding Joy at Northlands Storytelling Confabulation!

“So where did Joy go?” While neck deep in developing a writing career, nurturing a romantic relationship, and building stronger family relationships I had neglected my friendship with Joy. A dear, fun loving friend, who had seen me through difficult times, was slipping through my fingers because I hadn’t taken time for her in my… Continue reading Finding Joy at Northlands Storytelling Confabulation!

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Bantering With Inspirational Signs

“No photos allowed inside,” the sullen fudge maker cautioned. She returned to her marble slab kneading the chocolate confectionery.  Chastened, I wandered out of the sentry’s sight deep into the cluttered souvenir shop. Lake Geneva T-shirts, beach sundries, and boating themed kitchen utensils filled the aisles.  The far wall sported an array of inspirational signs.… Continue reading Bantering With Inspirational Signs