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Little Adventure: Life Without An Oven

“Adventure is in the eye of the beholder.” –Annie Andre Before becoming an inspiree, I needed to know about the inspirer. A Googled search listed a gaggle of Annie Andre’s.  An expat who moved to Paris, a Hallmark artist, and an administrator with a Linkedin profile to name a few.  After reading about this trio,… Continue reading Little Adventure: Life Without An Oven

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Save The Word! And This Isn’t Brabble!

I save leftovers. (Meatloaf sandwich, anyone?) I save the elephants. (Ornaments from World Wildlife Fund, Merry Christmas, Jack and Leila!)  I save time. (Pack the perishables in one bag and cans in the second. I’ll carry the toilet paper under one arm and loop my finger through the milk gallon jug. Receipt? Tuck that in… Continue reading Save The Word! And This Isn’t Brabble!

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The Nonsense Chronicles: Small Appliance Small Talk

The George Foreman grill and waffle machine wedged between the two crock-pots while the gelato machine propped up the Valentine plates. The air fryer, vacuum food saver, and sous vide huddled on the floor. Crystal serving dishes stacked precariously. The spiralizer balanced atop the heap.  All awaited the purge.  My zeal for organization, recently fueled… Continue reading The Nonsense Chronicles: Small Appliance Small Talk

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Cooking Up A Tradition

Follow these 10 easy steps for a successful Christmas cookie baking tradtion with an active, curious six year old. Step One: The Research Google several permutations of the phrase "Easy Christmas Cookies To Bake With Kids." Keep in mind that the adjective "easy" is relative. A pastry chef's idea of easy may actually involve mixing… Continue reading Cooking Up A Tradition

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Overeat On Thanksgiving

Don the trousers with “give” in the waist, ditch the fitted sheath, or go all out and wear sweat pants. It’s your duty as an appreciative daughter or son (fill in family member status here), food lover, and global citizen to overeat on Thanksgiving Day. If an eye rolling dinner guest does just that when asked… Continue reading Overeat On Thanksgiving