National ___________ Day!

Fill in the title blank with a random noun and more than likely there is a special day set aside to celebrate your chosen random noun.

Uncelebrated “National Celebratory Days” increased on my “Oops! Didn’t Know About That” list.  

I completely missed the September 22nd National Daughter Day. My son’s wife is like a daughter to me. I sent Leila a belated text to that effect. Then I discovered (just now while I’m writing) that September 26 was National Daughter-In-Law Day. I totally blew THAT off. (Sorry, Leila.)

Even worse National Son Day, September 28, flew by faster than Jack’s childhood. 

I’ll have a shot at celebrating both on National Son and Daughter Day on August 11th  next year.

Determined not to have any minor Celebratory Days slip by, I Googled “National Day Celebrations” and focused on the website 


In October there were over 130 topics listed. No Bra Day, Old People’s Day, Mad Hatter’s Day, and Vodka Day. (I unknowingly celebrated that one with a Vodka Tonic on the pontoon boat.)

Here are a few of the celebrations for October 8th:

National Piergi Day – This day honors “one of the most famous Polish dishes to ever exist, and virtually everyone worldwide treated the word as a synonym of Polish cuisine as a whole.” 

This day should be renamed National Carb Day!

Face Your Fears Day –This day “gives you the chance to stand up to your fears, overcome them, and to seize the day.” 

I’ll need a decade to overcome my fear of technology. 

Own Business Day – This day “is dedicated to all independent business owners in the world to celebrate and pay tribute to them by promoting and giving them extra awareness.” 

I can use awareness in my fledgling “I’ll Drink To That” business. I haven’t sold one lighted bottle, but have given away dozens.

Ada Lovelace Day – This day “was created to celebrate one of the first computer programmers. Ada found relative fame in 1842 when she expanded on an article by an Italian mathematician, in which she elaborated on the use of machines through the manipulations of symbols.” 

Way to go, Ada! 

Pizza Month – “Pizza has been around for an incredibly long time, the word itself going back as far as 997 AD in southern Italy.” 

This month should be renamed National Carb Month. 

Learning About Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month – “Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability to monitor one’s own emotions, as well as those of other people.”

The educated focus of EI is on healthier mind development. Think we can procure government finding for that one?

I decided to “combine and conquer” a few celebrations to keep up. 

Here’s my plan:

Face Fears/Ada Lovelace Day:

I will face my fear of technology inspired by Ada who embraced it. On Tuesday, I will call a friend on my iPhone 7+ USING MY EARPHONES while I’m walking. (Yes, THAT is how fearful I am of technology!)

Piergi/Pizza Day:

Wanting comfort food to calm my anxiety from the earphones call, I will create an original deep-dish pizza topped with mushroom and cheese piergis. (I will need a computer to calculate the carb intake!)

Emotional Intelligence/Own Business Day:

Bolstered by the results of my online Emotional Intelligence test (I scored slightly above Average) I will promote my newest line of lighted “I’ll Drink To That! Whimsical Upcycled Wine Bottles” that sell for $10 each. 

At the end of the day I will mark my calendar for January 18thwhich is National Do Nothing Day.

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