Inane Conversations

Review, edit, and revise. The tamable written word serves me well. Stammer, blurt, and misspeak. The rowdy spoken word escapes my grasp. Examples of conversations I never should have had: Chat With A Stranger Who I Thought I Knew Me: (Upon seeing a woman in the church parking lot) Hi! I haven’t seen you in… Continue reading Inane Conversations


Feeling Listless? Get A List!

If you’re listless, get a list- any list. There’s nothing like a series of mini events (or better mini events with sub lists) to energize me. I have dozens of lists. Here are a few of the more interesting ones. List to Become a Successful Old Person The usual lineup for aging well are regular… Continue reading Feeling Listless? Get A List!

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Rocky Risks

Moose blocking your trail? Wait patiently, keep your distance, and step behind a tree. Bear halting your hike? Speak softly, back up, and ready your pepper spray. Boulders falling at random? Read warnings, drive forward, and cross your fingers. I waited patiently for a bull, cow, and calf moose to clear my path at Isle… Continue reading Rocky Risks

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Solar Eclipse Myths Not As Scary As Black Holes, September 23rd, Or Popsicles!

Vikings thought that a gigantic skywolf devouring the sun caused an eclipse. Koreans believed that firedogs stealing the sun blotted it out. Hindus held that a headless demon, Rahu, consuming the sun turned the sky dark. Good thing the ancient Vikings and Koreans and Hindus didn’t connect to the Internet because there are more alarming… Continue reading Solar Eclipse Myths Not As Scary As Black Holes, September 23rd, Or Popsicles!

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Directionally Challenged

I have no sense of direction. I know I have no sense of direction. Whatever chemical or brain part or chromosome responsible for this trait is missing a molecule or neuron or gene in my body. However navigational technology changed my life. Now I am able to negotiate entire neighborhoods confident that I won’t be… Continue reading Directionally Challenged