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Phubbing Forgiven

I tap the send button on my iPhone launching the required text and photo to my supervisor. Although I could shoot a video of me pouring samples while determining my exact location via the GPS then posting it on Facebook, I don’t. I’m working. As a Consumer Educator or Beer Ambassador for several beer companies,… Continue reading Phubbing Forgiven


Coffee Klatch with Gervilyn, Gaddam, and Shivani

It was all Amazon’s idea (not Jeff Bezos’ Amazon’s founder in particular) but his Amazon Kindle Team. I know because that’s who sent me the email. Apparently they live in India. The March email alerted me to a credit deposited to my account due to an antitrust lawsuit regarding price of electronic books. I don’t… Continue reading Coffee Klatch with Gervilyn, Gaddam, and Shivani

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Make Room for Sissy Ann Jablonski

I enrolled in the “Steve Martin Teaches Comedy” online Masterclass. The first lessons encouraged students to “observe your thoughts, be inspired,” and assured us that “there is room out there in the world” for what we create. Steve also stated that the class was “nonrefundable and to make the most of it.” My thoughts drifted… Continue reading Make Room for Sissy Ann Jablonski