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A Laughing Matter

Santa’s coming to town soon and whether you believe or don’t believe (I fall somewhere between.) he has a message for all and it’s not what the song touts. “You better watch out.”  Although this advice is sound the word “better” flavors the advice with a threat. “You better not cry.”  Crying is cathartic. This… Continue reading A Laughing Matter

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Move A Muscle

When I’m sitting I think, “Why am I just sitting here?” So I stand. Then I think, “If I’m standing I might as well do my stretches.” So I stretch. Then I think, “Since I’m stretching, I might as well walk.” So I walk. Then I think, “Biking is faster than walking. If I ride… Continue reading Move A Muscle

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Breathing A Word (Actually Breathing Lots of Words)

Turtles breathe out of their butts. After solving Wordle, gauging how unexciting my life was compared to EVERYONE on Facebook, and how many digits the latest Covid variant name included (I think we’re at a bazillion.) the nurse popped in and said that the doctor would be here soon. I know,I know. Adieu is the… Continue reading Breathing A Word (Actually Breathing Lots of Words)

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Fish Rain

No, this isn’t a tall tale based upon the imaginative CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS by Judi Barret. It’s a short post about a weather report appearing on TV a few days ago. The MinuteCast graph on the AccuWeather app indicated fair weather, making travel to visit my son and his family an easy… Continue reading Fish Rain

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Almost Apolitical: Saying Hello to My Car, Pearl

Pearl, my new Subaru Forester, has big tires to fill.  Two weeks ago, I bid farewell to Suze, my 17-year-old Acura. She had reliably transported me across many state and international borders, politely “recalculated” when I drove astray, and protected me when a sedan ran a red light and T-boned her driver’s side. (For a… Continue reading Almost Apolitical: Saying Hello to My Car, Pearl