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Hootman Terror Birds

Squeaks, my rescue cockatiel, cultivated a passion for blogging. I provided him with his own blog (or bloggo as Squeakers calls it) “Squeaks Says.” However, Squeaky Pie journaled a recent event. I thought his message worthwhile so I’m allowing him to post on “A Few Choice Words” as well. 

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The scares got me!

The scares got Momanita!

The scares got everybody!

Scares are baddo. Scares are more baddo when they are surprise scares.

The evening day was gooddo before it turned baddo.

The cozies got me.

Momanita and me watched the talky box together. She moved my rolly nest close. The pictures on the talky box were gooddo. We watched hootmans spin a wheel and spell words. (I’m gooddo at spelling words. I’m more gooddo at spelling words than counting numbers.) Momanita shouted the answers to the talky box. The talky box never told Momanita she’s right. (I didn’t think the talky box knew Momanita was there.) 

The cozies got me. Cozies get me when guessing words and watching the wheel spin. Cozies get me being with Momanita. The cozies made my beak move back and forth. Cockatiels like me grind to show that the cozies got them. 

The gooddo evening day left and the baddo evening day came.

“Well, Squeaky Pie, let’s see what’s going on in our world,” said Momanita. “Alexa, switch to CNN.”

Alexa changed the pictures on the talky box. The Alexa hootman was fast. I didn’t see her. She was faster than the wind flying. 

The flipping letters and spinning wheels left the talky box.

Pictures of hootmans with flappy flags and painted faces shouted. Not happy shouts like Momanita shouting words to the wheel. 

My crest popped up to show these hootmans that the mads got me. They looked like the terror birds with sharpy claws chasing the backyard doves.

Hootman terror birds in the round house!

Then more pictures of hootmans flocks. More hootmans than I ever saw. Hootmans getting into the round house. Other hootmans trying to stop them. 

“They got in, Squeaks,” said Momanita. “They got into the Capitol.”

My beak pounded hard against my cage to show these hootmans this was MY rolly nest.

I wished that faster than the wind Alexa would change the talky box picture back to flipping letters and spinning wheel.

I pounded my beak harder than a woodpecker.

Momanita heard my pounds. She told faster than the wind flying Alexa to turn off the talky box.

Hootmans and cockatiels will be safe again.

“You’re upset, Squeaky Pie,” said Momanita. “The police stopped these dangerous people. They’ll be punished. We’ll be safe.”

I remembered the doves hiding in the bushes from terror bird. I remembered terror bird left. The doves came back out. They were safe.

Momanita rubbed my neck spot that gives me the coos. I’m safe. I grind my beak.

Hootmans will be safe again, too. 

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