A Safe Bet

“The average of 4, 10, and 9 is 7 2/3,” I reported to my racetrack pals. “I don’t suppose there’s a horse numbered 7 2/3?” The “Visit Arlington Racetrack” entry on my Summer Activities list (“See A Few Choice Words by Anita” entry “Feeling Listless? Get A List”) was dangerously close to being unchecked. One… Continue reading A Safe Bet

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Rocky Risks

Moose blocking your trail? Wait patiently, keep your distance, and step behind a tree. Bear halting your hike? Speak softly, back up, and ready your pepper spray. Boulders falling at random? Read warnings, drive forward, and cross your fingers. I waited patiently for a bull, cow, and calf moose to clear my path at Isle… Continue reading Rocky Risks