Finding Joy at Northlands Storytelling Confabulation!

“So where did Joy go?”

While neck deep in developing a writing career, nurturing a romantic relationship, and building stronger family relationships I had neglected my friendship with Joy.

A dear, fun loving friend, who had seen me through difficult times, was slipping through my fingers because I hadn’t taken time for her in my current not-at-all difficult life. 

I owned this mistake.

And I’d fix it.

A chance meeting at Health Bridge Center and a catch-up conversation as we circled along the track offered an opportunity to do so. Newly retired, Joy recounted the checked off items on her bucket list. “Visit Vietnam” followed “Voice Lessons.” 

I felt my sluggish retirement rhythm energize and sync with hers. Before long the common ground of “Investigate Storytelling” emerged. 

That’s why two nonstorytellers attended the “Northlands Storytelling Network Confabulation!” weekend convention in Madison, Wisconsin.

I learned and I RELEARNED.

Generous professionals endeavored to teach their craft.

Joy and I endeavored to learn. Our struggles strengthened our friendship.

A bottle of Pinot Noir helped, too.

Rona Leventhal’s “Grab ‘Em, Keep ‘Em, Invite ‘Em Along!” Session

Thirty techniques for hooking and engaging the audience filled three sheets. Within twenty minutes, assigned stories in our hands, we scooted to nooks and crannies to practice attention-getting chants followed by body shifting dialogue and ending with an implicit moral to the story.  

I learned storytelling techniques and writing techniques overlap.

I RELEARNED that Joy has spunk. She does a wicked impression of a raccoon catching crayfish.

Judy Sima’s “Storytelling? Yes, You Can!” Session 

After choosing a story to tell, we sketched a six-part storyboard roughly illustrating our tale. This served as a guide to practice. Soon we were paired to tell our tale with several different partners.

I learned that the visual representation aided in remembering the sequence.

I RELEARNED that Joy is supportive. She complimented my efforts at portraying a wide mouth frog.

Robin Nott’s “The Keys To The Kingdom: Awakening The Storyteller” Session

Designed to sharpen natural storytelling abilities, Robin provided us with varying lengths of yellow yarn. Winding our yarn around two fingers we were to tell whatever story came to mind ending when we completed winding our yarn. Joy sat to his left and he instructed her to begin. Being a novice, Joy hesitated to start the activity, but did so.

I learned that I hadn’t lost my spontaneity.

I RELEARNED that Joy is a risk taker.

I found joy with my first venture into storytelling.

I re-found my friend, Joy, there as well.

Reconnect with a friend by registering for a weekend course in whatever interests you

And don’t forget the wine!

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