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Pocket These Thoughts

The group’s simultaneous audible intake of breath deemed the sight incredible.

Was the reaction to a quadruple rainbow after a drenching?


Was the effect from a panoramic vista following an arduous climb?

Not at all

Was the response to a daring rescue in the midst of a dangerous situation?


A table ringed with women whose ages spanned decades marveled at the simple wrap dress that sported pockets, a rarity.

iPhone7 carrying sized pockets. 

Pockets that could tuck away a toddler’s pacifier or a husband’s keys or your own wallet to buy a pinot noir at the corner bistro. 

Pockets had never stirred deep thoughts. 

Now I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

I’ve never had anyone in nor have been in a hip pocket.

At times my pockets were deep, but not because I lined them.

I’ve pocket dialed a friend whose pockets I had lived in years ago.

Sometimes pocket money burns a hole in my pocket that I spend when I have a pocket of time. 

I’ve dipped into my pocket to pay for out of pocket expenses.

Carry a rope in your pocket when visiting a casino and be wary of anyone who p*sses in it. He may be a pickpocket.

When asked for a charitable donation, put your hands in your pocket because shrouds have no pockets.

But this incredible dress did!

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