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Bantering With Inspirational Signs

“No photos allowed inside,” the sullen fudge maker cautioned. She returned to her marble slab kneading the chocolate confectionery. 

Chastened, I wandered out of the sentry’s sight deep into the cluttered souvenir shop. Lake Geneva T-shirts, beach sundries, and boating themed kitchen utensils filled the aisles. 

The far wall sported an array of inspirational signs. Since the scolding had dampened my spirits, I thought a bit of inspiration was in order.  Sensing my frame of mind. the signs sought to inspire. The conversations went something like this:  

Sign 1:

Me: Happy and bright surpasses my current mood. I fall short. 

Sign 2:

Me: Travel and relationships live up to my dream, but there’s this successful author goal that eludes me.  

Sign 3:

Me: I AM doing something. The anthology’s almost done. I started a children’s chapter book. Afewchoicewordsbyanita.com  is a weekly challenge. 

Sign 4:

Me: My plan is blog first. Find an artist for the anthology cover. Then outline the remainder of the chapter book. Right now I’m thinking of a topic for Tuesday’s blog and it’s Sunday already!

Sign 5:

Me: No offense, but I thought that motivational signs might be a funny topic. I planned to photograph a few of them then make snarky comments about how they aren’t inspirational at all. The fudge maker sentry won’t let me take photos.

Sign 6:

Me: How do I “Make It Happen” if it’s against the rules?

Sign 7:

Me: She can’t see me from here. I COULD take a few shots. She’d never know, but it isn’t allowed.

Sign 8:

Me: I’m on it!

Sign 9:

Me: Thank you!

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