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Small Adventure In The Covid-19 Shelter In Place Zone: No Excuse Writing!

Since I’m in the “keel over and die” age demographic for those contracting Covid-19 (commonly known as “stupid virus”) I’ve become a sheltering in place, socially distancing, mask wearing individual (sometimes all three simultaneously) with an abundance of spare time. Some of which I spent reading inspirational quotes by wise scholars such as Benjamin Franklin,… Continue reading Small Adventure In The Covid-19 Shelter In Place Zone: No Excuse Writing!

Everyday Epiphany, humor, Writing

An Everyday Adventure with Prepositions

“Adventures pounce upon the unsuspecting.” Anita Borgo One minute I’m minding my own business quietly reading a book when my brain does the “one thing leads to another stream of consciousness” shuffle. The next minute I find myself amid the preposition population knee deep in “between”, “atween”, and “betwixt” wondering why “between” made the cut… Continue reading An Everyday Adventure with Prepositions

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Bantering With Inspirational Signs

“No photos allowed inside,” the sullen fudge maker cautioned. She returned to her marble slab kneading the chocolate confectionery.  Chastened, I wandered out of the sentry’s sight deep into the cluttered souvenir shop. Lake Geneva T-shirts, beach sundries, and boating themed kitchen utensils filled the aisles.  The far wall sported an array of inspirational signs.… Continue reading Bantering With Inspirational Signs

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Jerkwater Emails

Traveling the non-electronic shunpike for the afternoon had its downside - two hundred twenty-nine emails! It felt like a crunt when I scrolled the list. I gaged that more than forty messages per hour pinged my “in mailbox” while I gardened without my cell phone. Determined to sort through the time cutpurse, my fingers tittupped about… Continue reading Jerkwater Emails


Laboring For Laughs

Snaring a snicker, coaxing a chuckle, and getting a guffaw require effort. However high scores on the “smile-o-meter” for the snickerer, chuckler, and guffawer as well as the snarer, coaxer, and getter are worth it! A laugher reaps the benefits of a relaxed body, an eased anxiety, and a strengthened relationship. (I know this is… Continue reading Laboring For Laughs