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Adventures in Writing: From Teaching to Writing to Zooming Teaching and Writing

Significant events divide my timeline.

Life after marriage- “So I have TWO families!”

Life after son is born- “So my world happily revolves around THIS son.”

Life after divorce- “So THAT’S who I used to be.”

Life after meeting Significant Other – “So my world DIDN’T end!”

Life after retiring from teaching – “So I can use the bathroom ANYTIME I want?” 

In addition to visiting the bathroom willy-nilly, retirement freed me to write and (when the urge to connect with youngsters struck) substitute teach. I thrived. Then I lost my balance down a Covid-19 timeline crevasse.

For months E-Learning replaced in class instruction. I didn’t substitute teach. Thankfully I had writing. Writing punctuated with bouts of cleaning whittled away the quarantine months and I carved out two books. Operation Hopper and Other Tales: Nature, Magic, and the Oakland Acres’ Kids (ISBN 9798646631108) which is a short story collection for kids ages 7-11 (give or take) and Operation Hopper and Other Tales: Nature, Magic, and the Oakland Acres’ Kids Discussion and Activity Guide.  (ISBN 9798646638954) which is a guide to help teachers and parents get the most out of the short story collection.

I read “Peter Pelican’s Pouch” in the Meet the Author Zoom session.

So, while this project combined my writing with teaching, I missed the kids.

Then I received an invitation from a first/second grade teacher to join her class in a “Meet the Author” Zoom session.

I jumped on the opportunity!

I planned my classroom session as the veteran teacher I was:

Peter Pelican’s Pouch” Short Story Read Aloud Lesson Plan

Goals: The Importance of recycling. Reinforce the writing process previously taught by their regular classroom teacher.

Anticipatory Set: Show the map of Oakland Acres. Point out Peter Pelican’s home and the beach that he walks. Discuss the inspiration for writing this story.

Direct Instruction: Read “Peter Pelican’s Pouch” aloud. Answer students’ questions about the story and the writing process.

Guided Practice: Demonstrate how I created my bottle lamp from a discarded bottle.

Closure: Challenge students to create their own project from their recycling bin.

I pointed out Peter Pelican’s home and the beach he walked.

As a rookie Zoomer I needed a reminder to unmute and speak clearly. (I believe that the occasional senator needed the same reminder during a Jerome Powell congressional hearing.)

During the question portion of the lesson one pigtailed blondie raised her hand. The teacher called on her to ask her question which was “I saw a lamb’s butt shake when it wagged its tail” which of course isn’t a question at all, but a pressing statement to be reported. 

Squeaks, my rescue cockatiel, met the Zoom class.

Another student asked if I had any pets. Since I was home and so was my rescue cockatiel, Squeaks, I brought him into the Zoom meeting. I explained that Squeaks liked to play with my earring when he perched on my shoulder. The kids watched for 30 seconds while Squeaks DIDN’T play with my earring. I was hoping Squeaks would one up the butt shaking lamb, but he fell short. 

As an optional project I asked the kids to find a useless item in their recycling bin and make something useful. One student created a car from a plastic bottle.

I demonstrated my recycled bottle project carefully holding the “before” item, an empty wine bottle, so the Malbec label didn’t show. Next I displayed the “after” item, a lighted bottle lamp. I challenged the kids to sift through their recycling bin and change something useless into something useful.

I enjoyed the “Meet the Author” Zoom session and am now, for a limited time, offering it free with a purchase of Operation Hopper and Other Tales: Nature, Magic, and the Oakland Acres’ Kids and the companion discussion and activity guide. Share this post with any teachers or homeschooling parents that you think might be interested.

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Purchase and contact me (There’s a button on the banner.) to set up a “Meet the Author” session. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Squeaks will play with my earring.

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