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Small Adventure In The Covid-19 Shelter In Place Zone: No Excuse Writing!

Since I’m in the “keel over and die” age demographic for those contracting Covid-19 (commonly known as “stupid virus”) I’ve become a sheltering in place, socially distancing, mask wearing individual (sometimes all three simultaneously) with an abundance of spare time. Some of which I spent reading inspirational quotes by wise scholars such as Benjamin Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Helen Keller. While I admire this trio, I found the words of Anonymous rang most true for me.

I followed her sage advice about making excuses.

“Make an effort not an excuse!” Anonymous

Detecting my increased time at home, my mostly written, but not formatted collection of short stories beckoned hopefully from my desk drawer. It had patiently waited for me to ready her for publication and now sensed this time neared.

I read Anonymous’ quote about making an effort not an excuse and decided that it was the perfect time to make an effort.

With a sideways look at my rough draft manuscript, I gathered bucket, mop, and scrub brush and executed a carefully planned cleaning effort on my home. I moved furniture, dusted baseboards, and polished cabinets. 

Progressing from room to room in a systematic manner my house sparkled, and my manuscript languished.

“Make excuses or make changes. The choice is yours.” Anonymous

My short story collection sighed relief when I had scratched cleaning jobs from my growing to do list. She perked up amidst the freshly cleaned office confident that she had advanced to the head of the line.

Anonymous, a bit more pointed in her advice, challenged me to make changes, which I did.

With a guilty glance at my rough draft manuscript, I gathered screwdriver, spackle, and paint and changed the window treatments. I removed valances from all my shaded windows and touched up the paint. 

Proceeding from window to window, they sported an updated look, and my manuscript suffered.

“Save the excuses. It’s not about having time. It’s about making time. If it matters, you will make time.” Anonymous

Discouraged into despair my short story collection held her breath as I rolled my office chair to my desk, opened my laptop, and consulted my notes jotted in her margins. 

Anonymous’ sage advice whacked me into action. Although my life would be easier if writing didn’t matter to me it does matter. I finished formatting my short story collection and accompanying discussion and activity guide. 

Operation Hopper and Other Tales is a short story collection for 2nd through 4thgraders. The discussion and activity guide contains comprehension questions and activities for each of the twelve short stories, helpful to teachers and parents.

Both are available through Amazon.

Check them out!


4 thoughts on “Small Adventure In The Covid-19 Shelter In Place Zone: No Excuse Writing!”

  1. Great post Anita! and books are such a super read! Lots of work was put into the writing. The accompanying guide has MANY ways to use the wonderful stories. Your clever writing is evident throughout. I am glad your accomplished this during COVID- you can be very proud of your creation. Much better than taking down your valences! Many parents,teachers and kids will benefit!KP

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