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An Everyday Adventure with Prepositions

“Adventures pounce upon the unsuspecting.” Anita Borgo One minute I’m minding my own business quietly reading a book when my brain does the “one thing leads to another stream of consciousness” shuffle. The next minute I find myself amid the preposition population knee deep in “between”, “atween”, and “betwixt” wondering why “between” made the cut… Continue reading An Everyday Adventure with Prepositions

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Little Adventure: Down The Travel Insurance Rabbit Hole

“Some adventures linger. Others loiter. A few do both.” Anita Borgo  My 13K hike through the Samaria Gorge National Park in Crete did both. See the post about the journey https://afewchoicewordsbyanita.com/2019/11/20/big-adventure-hiking-the-gorge-in-samaria-national-park-is-not-a-walk-in-the-park/ and also see the other post about locating a doctor due to the trek. https://afewchoicewordsbyanita.com/2020/01/22/little-adventure-locating-a-doctor-in-crete/ After checking the “hike the gorge” and “locate a doctor… Continue reading Little Adventure: Down The Travel Insurance Rabbit Hole

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Halloween Candy Hypothesis

A pint sized pirate and princess sprinted down the street, clutching their Halloween loot and waving dollar bills above their heads. “The Dad ate ALL the candy!” seven year old Jack the pirate explained. “The Mom went to the store to buy more!” six year old Beth the princess expounded. “So the Dad gave us… Continue reading Halloween Candy Hypothesis

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The Neglected Desk And Global Dan

A girlfriends’ getaway in Minnesota on the heels of a three-week Greek vacation punctuated with a Milwaukee visit-my-son day left me pleasantly exhausted. The personal goal of serving homemade pasticcio and spanakopita for a group of nine friends energized me and then provided leftovers for a weekend visit from my brother whom I hadn’t seen… Continue reading The Neglected Desk And Global Dan

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Travel Travails: Pack Off These Packing Tips!

Always open for ideas to reduce the baggage I carry while traveling, I Googled “Packing Tips” and tried three of the bazillion suggestions. Here are the packing tips I tested. They failed miserably.  Pack off these packing tips!  Bulkiest Items “Wear your bulkiest items on the plane. Layering also helps.” Wearing my bulkiest items might… Continue reading Travel Travails: Pack Off These Packing Tips!