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The Nonsense Chronicles: Jabbering Junk

While pouring a predawn coffee after a restless night, I heard a muffled cry for help. Peering out my kitchen window I saw no sign of disturbance. Upon turning, I found the sign of alarm came from within the kitchen itself, more specifically the junk drawer. It may have been the magic of early morning,… Continue reading The Nonsense Chronicles: Jabbering Junk


Under the Bed

Mustering my courage I crouched low and peered under the bed. It wasn’t my inner child banishing boogey men. It was my outer house cleaner confronting dust bunnies. Rogue dust rhinoceroses was a more fitting term for the tumbleweed-sized collection of neglect. Winter vortexes, snow cyclones, thundersnow, (plunging temperatures by any other name) brought on… Continue reading Under the Bed