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Cheetah Wind Skating Queen Learns a Lesson

Sissy Ann Jablonski, a character that sprang to life during my “Steve Martin Teaches Comedy” online Masterclass tutorial, elbowed her way into “A Few Choice Words,” again. (She debuted in Post 5 “Dona Diego Zorro Queen Zips Her Lips.”) Though she has retired her Zorro mask for now, she hasn't retired her genius, “never thought… Continue reading Cheetah Wind Skating Queen Learns a Lesson


Horror Film Scaredy-cat Survival Strategies

Spoiler Alert! This blog post reviews key plot points and creepy scenes of “The Mummy” (but not many because I closed my eyes at the scary parts.)   I'm a horror film scaredy-cat. As a child I found “Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein” frightening. Even Lou’s trademark "Heeeeyyy, Abbott!" and "I'm a baaaaad boy!" couldn’t… Continue reading Horror Film Scaredy-cat Survival Strategies

humor, Throwbacks

Make Room for Sissy Ann Jablonski

I enrolled in the “Steve Martin Teaches Comedy” online Masterclass. The first lessons encouraged students to “observe your thoughts, be inspired,” and assured us that “there is room out there in the world” for what we create. Steve also stated that the class was “nonrefundable and to make the most of it.” My thoughts drifted… Continue reading Make Room for Sissy Ann Jablonski