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Almost Apolitical: Hanging Pictures and Face Masks

“One-third of 18 inches, four inches to apex of hanger wire, and one-fourth inch of hanger hook,” Mike muttered to himself. 

It sounded like a complicated way to pound a nail in a wall to me. Then Mike wielded a level and complicated escalated to complex.

Positioning it “exactly right”

I had asked Mike to hang two photo collage frames on either side of a larger one for an appealing symmetrical display. Typically, I would have tapped in the nail myself, but the frames required TWO nails to hold it in place. 

My technique of “eyeballing” the position of the hanger on the back of the frame in relationship to the location of where to pound the nail into the wall only worked (if it worked at all) on frames requiring one nail. Pounding TWO nails accurately doubled my risk of getting it wrong.

My “eyeballing” technique works like this.

Gather picture to hang.

Set it on floor. 

Glance down at the floor picture, then up at the wall area. Repeat these steps several times until I have a FEEL for where to pound the nail. 

Pound in the nail.

Hang the picture.

Stand back and view picture. Evaluate if it’s “about right.” If it’s not, pull out nail and adjust right or left or up and down. 

Pound nail in again.

Hang picture. Repeat these steps until it’s close enough to the position I had in mind and can live with it. (Luckily most pictures will cover the multitude of nail holes from incorrect guesses.)

If I’m lucky, I get it “about right” on the first try.

Photo collage hung “exactly right” on first attempt.

Mike’s technique requires more time and calculations with ruler and lever. His scientific approach gets it “exactly right” on the first time. No luck required.

Fortunately wearing masks correctly doesn’t require nails. It DOES require following scientifically recommended positioning over mouth AND nose. 

Get mask wearing “exactly right.”

“About right” carries too many risks to you and others.

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5 thoughts on “Almost Apolitical: Hanging Pictures and Face Masks”

  1. My mask collection is not only hung haphazardly, but the masks themselves are each sized and shaped individually. Since they are odd to begin with, it makes for an interesting display. Although they are probably thinking it, no one has yet gasped “What was she thinking!”


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