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Little Adventure At A Body Flow Class

“Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day to day obstacles in life.” – John Amatt

John Amatt is a Canadian mountaineer who scaled Mt. Everest. He seems to think that an adventurous attitude is important to overcoming obstacles in life.

So I embarked on a little adventure to overcome my current obstacle.

My ten pound gain from overeating and over-enjoying myself in Crete stopped me from zipping my winter corduroys. (I thought I had a few more weeks of warm weather to burn the fat and fit into my winter wardrobe, but it SNOWED on Halloween!)

I figured I could overcome (more like avoid) this obstacle by purchasing larger size pants or I could work out at the gym and lose the weight. Since I’m currently paying a monthly membership, it seemed like actually USING the membership was the most economical course of action. 

However, I needed motivation.

I needed something different.

I needed to shake up my exercise routine.

I needed an attitude.

I needed an adventure.

I found it while taking a Body Flow class at Health Bridge Fitness Center. Body Flow is a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates.

A vague memory of attending a Body Flow class a decade ago niggled at the back of my mind.  I recalled stretching and balancing and yoga positions and succeeding at the workout.

That’s what I needed- a win!

After attending the hour long workout with limited success, I decided a public service announcement was in order. 


Here are a few tips should you embark upon a Body Flow adventure.

Yoga Mat

If you’re bringing your own yoga mat and you haven’t used it in a while and you stored it under your bed, unroll it before you go to class. I didn’t and there was a stinkbug snuggled up inside of it. Not only GROSS, but embarrassing.

Mermaid Position 

I’m thinking a Mermaid sits around on rocks for most of the day. This position will be a cinch! Apparently mermaids are contortionists. It was not a cinch. It was the un-cinchiest position around. Beware!

Sitting Lotus

This position develops balance. It’s important to excel at balance maintaining because it may keep you out of the nursing home. I need to work on this. Luckily I located myself near a Purell machine that I could hold onto. I did not topple over.

Pilate Inspired Abdominals

If the instructor described the next set as “pilate inspired” excuse yourself to use the restroom and stay in there until the end where you rest on the mat and meditate. (You’ll thank me.)

Bird, Nesting Bird, Flying Bird

These three positions start with a squat and progress until you are holding yourself up on two hands with your legs and feet expended. (You’re too low to hold onto the Purell machine so THAT won’t help.)

Exercise Outfit

Wear long pants. Then when you are asked to grab your ankles and they are out of reach you can grab your pants somewhere below your knee. That’s what my friend “Z” did. I wish I had thought of it. 

Where To Stand

Since there are floor to ceiling mirrors, I suggest standing in back and not wearing your glasses. I kept my glasses on and had a vivid view of my belly when I took my T shirt off. Although, I could have done without THAT sighting, it DID motivate me to attend a second class.

I need to speak to John Amatt and find out if he ever attended a Body Flow class and whether or not hanging off the side of the mountain is easier.

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