Christmas Note To Self

Christmas Polish Bread Baked


Christmas Cookies Delivered


Christmas Presents Wrapped

Check! No, Uncheck That One!

With great satisfactions I checked off items on my Holiday To Do list, but ran into a snag on the wrapping task. As the heap of naked boxes diminished and the stacks of decorated and bowed presents increased I tucked what I thought was the final gift (bouncy ball and squeaky snake for Grandshedogs) under the tree. 

I stashed the ribbons and tissue and festive snowman paper onto the top shelf. 

Later, I found it!  

The REAL last unwrapped gift I had hidden under my desk. 

A gift intended for my fiancé, Mike. 

With a hefty dose of unChristmaslike spirit I berated myself for overlooking it. 

Then I questioned WHY I hid any of Mike’s presents.

Mike has many positive qualities. He’s a skilled carpenter, gourmet cook, and owns the dance floor. However, the man can’t find anything! 

Conversations go something like this:


Mike: Do we have any orange juice?

Anita: Yes, it’s in the frig.

Mike: I don’t see it.

Anita: The frig contains finite space. Stick with it. 

Mike: No, it’s not here.

Anita: (Getting off the couch and pointing out the orange juice.)

Mike: You didn’t say it was on THAT shelf.


Mike: Do you know where the scissors are?

Anita: Yes, they’re on the table.

Mike: I can’t find them.

Anita: (A tad sarcastically) Try these strategies. Divide the table in quadrants. Search behind and under items located on each quadrant.

Mike: (Silence in response to my sarcasm.)

Anita: (Getting off the couch and finding the scissors because I REALLY shouldn’t be as sarcastic as often as I am. I hand Mike the scissors.) Here they are.

Mike: You didn’t say they were on THAT table.

This year when I tuck away the Christmas decorations, I will tuck away the idea to hide his next year’s Christmas presents in the frig and in the middle of the table.

Then I’ll remember to wrap them . . .

and he’ll never find them!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Note To Self”

  1. It has to be a man thing! Jim loses his phone , wallet and keys at least three times a day. “Lu, do you know where my _____ are? “ My standard reply, “On your desk.” His standard reply is “found em!” All I can think is good because I’m not going to look for your stuff anymore that is sitting right in front of your face! 🤪


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