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Cooking Up A Tradition

Follow these 10 easy steps for a successful Christmas cookie baking tradtion with an active, curious six year old.

Step One: The Research

Google several permutations of the phrase “Easy Christmas Cookies To Bake With Kids.” Keep in mind that the adjective “easy” is relative. A pastry chef’s idea of easy may actually involve mixing together ingredients.

Step Two: The Choices

Choose three recipes (I use the term “recipes” loosely. “Directions for assembling” is more accurate.) Festive Chocolate Christmas Pretzels, Colorful Sugar Cookie Pops, and Peanut Butter Christmas Mice met the criteria of flashy and quick.

Step Three: The Ingredients

Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough cuts down on the grocery shopping time as well as the measuring and mixing time in the kitchen. However finding the black licorice for the mouse tails and popsicle sticks that won’t blaze in the oven is more of a challenge.

However, I knew exactly where the champagne resided!

Step Four: The Ratio

Five to one is the perfect ration. (Let me clarify that’s five adults to one active six year old.) If you know a chihuahua invite him, too! You won’t regret it!

Step Five: The Original Plan

List the goals for the baking session. Remember that the loftier the goals the farther they have to fall.

Step Six: The Accessories

Team shirts unite! I went with team stockings! Annabelle dressed the part in Christmas specs and elf hat.

Step Seven: The Revised Plan

The pretzels became festive.

The sugar cookies adhered to the stick.

The peanut butter Christmas mice lacked the brown M & M’s since I had been distracted by the champagne choosing. Jessie created the backstory of an albino mouse and we used red candies for the nose. However, this inspired divergent thinking. Soon hedgehogs, turtles, and hamsters populated the cookie sheets. Post baking the creatures melded and took on the driven look of lemmings.

Step Eight: The Break

Here’s where the chihuahua comes in handy by keeping our little elf busy while we cleaned the kitchen.

Step Nine: The Finale

Keep in mind that if you purchase an active game as a Christmas gift for an active six year old those present are required to participate. Sturdy Birdy by Fat Brain Toys involved striking a variety of poses while balancing a bean bag on an appendage and holding the position for up to thirty seconds. It reminded me of a performance task I’m asked to complete as part of my yearly Medicare physical.

Step Ten: The Reflection

Bask in the satisfaction that bond building brings, . . . and finish the champagne!

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