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Chuckle Photography: Sign Pondering

Signs direct.

Signs alert.

Signs inform.

I appreciate the worthy sign goals of directing, alerting, and informing. However, I especially enjoy the unintentional humor that sometimes occurs when pondering.

Here’s my take or my mistake on signs:

While waiting outside the storage area of the Cusco, Peru hotel where I stayed, I wondered how this kind fellow traveler had been singled out as a supremely disagreeable character.


Post 65 Door sign 3

Further investigation resolved my perplexity.

Post 65 Door sign 2


During an extensive bicycle ride in South Haven, Michigan my good-natured friend paused beside this sign. Although hot and tired she hadn’t been at all short tempered, but the sign had been short one “d”.

Post 65 Gisela sign


I viewed this sign outside a Colorado hotel elevator and thought this fellow promoted too leisurely a method in exiting a burning building.




Increased urgency, as communicated in the Lisbon, Portugal bathroom sign, would have been more appropriate.

Bathroom Sign


I applauded creative use of synonyms on this sign, but wondered if there had been a Highway Council debate coupled with thesaurus usage before the substitution.


Whoa Sign


Even straightforward signs allowed for a little fun.

Karen Utah


Anita Yosemite


No pondering about these signs- spontaneity struck!

(See July 12, 2017 Post “Make Fully Dressed Spontaneous Pole Dancing The Next Phenomenon”.)


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