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Uninvited Guest Blogger: Squeaky Pie

Several suspicious messages arrived in my “A Few Choice Words by Anita” email box commenting upon my recent post. Readers claimed my last post “creative” and had an “interesting slant” and “unique”!

I puzzled over the complimentary comments, increased likes, and new readership. Although I appreciated the fanfare, I wondered about the delayed response. I had entered the last “A Few Choice Words” essay weeks before. I decided to reread that post and analyze it for its creativity, slant, and uniqueness in order to replicate the magic.

Imagine my astonishment when I discovered the post entitled “The Guest Blogger: Squeaks Takes Over”!

Squeaks, my rescue cockatiel, somehow managed to write and post an entry. My readers praised Squeaks’ post NOT mine. 

(For the backstory read “Guest Blogger: Squeaks Takes Over” at

In order to accomplish this feat, Squeaks escaped his cage, traversed a flight of stairs, climbed to my desk, composed, and then posted the entry. 

All without me knowing! All without being able to fly!

I don’t know how he overcame these obstacles. Although I DID notice a clue the day of the secret post. I just didn’t KNOW it was a clue!


Squeaks left a clue!

I’m in the midst of creating a website featuring my published children’s books and highlighting that facet of my writing. Consequently, I neglected my “A Few Choice Words by Anita” blog.

(I’m slowly gaining the technical skills to build my platform. Thank you, Word Press and YouTube!) 

Fortunately Squeaks lent me a hand or rather a claw. 

I may ask him to help again in the near future. I’m sure he will agree. 

He’s a good boy! 

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