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The Fewest Choicest Words About Gardening

A flagstone path wound around my backyard directing walkers around the deck and up to the shed that stored rakes, shovels, and various sized clippers. The path is more decorative than directive.  There’s little chance of losing my way among the hydrangeas and needing a well-marked route to safely guide me to the back deck.

 I could SEE the Weber Grill from the shed. 

Yet I had a path. . . a path that needed tending. Weeds grew in the spaces between the stones creating a gardening chore. Ever vigilant to reduce landscape maintenance, I stumbled upon a classification of plants called Stepables. Theoretically once planted between the stones they crowded out the weeds.

I bought a dozen and congratulated myself. Soon I would have a weed free path.

In a few weeks the Stepables bloomed. The showy purple flower looked familiar.

I compared it with another showy purple flower that grew in the front yard. 

My $4 a pot Stepable bore a striking resemblance to the Creeping Charlie that invaded my lawn.

The first I planted. The second I tore out.

I think it’s called marketing . . . or gullibility. 

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