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Squirrel Circus Idea

Squirrel Circus Idea had been skittering around my brain for several years. It recently edged about my hippocampus, spiraled around my basal ganglia, and leaped to the treetops of my frontal cortex. After reading “Habits That Make It Easy To Come Up With Great Ideas” (FYI there are habits to grow greener lawns, improve relationships, and achieve world peace. We would be living harmoniously in a well-landscaped utopia if everyone developed these habits. I know this is true because I read it on the Internet.)

Since Squirrel Circus Idea chattered at me for attention, I decided to examine if I followed the “Habits” and whether or not Squirrel Circus Idea qualified as a “Great Idea.” 

According to the article that I chose because of the appealing photo of a cute guy meditating and the post’s brevity, the “Habits” are as follows.

Consider What You Consume

The author meant consuming ideas as those presented in books, TV shows, articles, movies, and travel. They influence our thoughts. Quality consumption nurtures quality thoughts that lead to quality ideas.

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Prior to the Squirrel Circus Idea I had consumed two cheap Scotch on the rocks at a bowling alley. 

SCI didn’t measure up.

Regurgitate What You Consume

It’s recommended that you talk to someone about the idea.

I DID talk to someone! I talked to Mike. I explained how I would engineer a series of entertaining obstacles for squirrels to traverse to attain the goal of an ear of corn. Spinners, tightropes, maybe even a trapeze strung throughout the backyard would entertain homeowners. (OK, I hadn’t figured out the trapeze part yet.) Mike thought SCI had merit. However, Mike had also consumed two cheap Scotch on the rocks at a bowling alley.

Shaky ground for SCI and this habit.

Think Macro

Expand your viewpoint and think about universal ideas.

Photo by Pixabay on

SCI was universal!

Squirrel species HAD to be everywhere except maybe Antarctica.

Score one for SCI!

Capture Ideas When They Come

Develop a system to capture ideas!

I do this now! I carry a notebook with me and jot ideas as they pop into my head. When I competed in the new Oreo cookie contest (See May 23, 2017 post.) I listed ideas for different flavored Oreos. Cornmeal Sacajawea, tomato flavored Columbus Sets Sail (I forget why it had tomato.), and Gatorade flavored Won The Race Oreo versions didn’t make the cut. However, I came close with the almond and coconut Angels Sing. (I received a “Good Thinking” email from an Oreo judge.)

If I had a notebook when SCI developed, I could have recorded details to help it succeed!

Too late for SCI and this habit.

Speak Your Ideas

The process of communicating an idea helps us clarify the idea and see it in a new way.

I kept speaking SCI. I kept communicating SCI. 

SCI clarified? SCI and new way? 


Ask More Questions

Asking questions trains us to look for different angles.

With SCI listeners asked me LOADS of questions like Who will sell SC? Who will install SC? Are you out of your mind?

I had no answers to the first two SCI questions, but I did the last. I’m not out of my mind. I just sometimes get carried away. 

Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina on

I deemed my Squirrel Circus Idea unviable after measuring it against the above criteria. Now I’ll see how my Chipmunk Rodeo Idea rates. 

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