It Depends Upon The Preposition

Fall Back

On Sunday most Americas set their clocks back an hour signaling the end of Daylight Saving Time. For days, memes reminded me to “fall back.” The phrase stuck in my head, and I thought about the times I fall back.  I fall back when life becomes too stressful. For instance when I haven’t had time to clean the house. I ditch dusting and mopping and cabinet cleaning and watch “This Is Us” On Demand instead. I fall back on friends to put life in perspective. (“Who cares if your laundry’s in the washer? Let’s go out for a beer.”) Falling back works for me. Falling _________ (insert a different preposition here) not so much.

Fall On

I fall on my face when attempting something new like landing my pontoon boat on the shore station. (Where is reverse?) Sometimes my requests fall on deaf ears or on stony ground. (Could you please mow the grass before it rains?)

Fall To  

Post 21 Roundabout I fall to pieces when frustrated. (Why does this roundabout have twelve exits? I don’t know which way to go. Pull over!) Once I fell to blows. (Who said you could eat the last brownie? In my defense I was five, and it WAS mine).


Fall Behind

I’ve fallen behind in many connotations of the phrase from filing paperwork (Where are the receipts I need for taxes?) to riding the bike path (How can this trail be uphill BOTH ways?)

Fall Through

Some of my best plans fall through. (What do you mean a squirrel circus wouldn’t succeed? They’re SO clever. I bet we could train them.) Tasks sometimes fall through the cracks. (Does it take more than a couple hours to thaw the turkey? I forgot about it.)Post Squirrel Screen

Fall Off

I don’t like to fall off the radar with my friends when I’m sick, (Why do I have the flu? I had a flu shot.), but it’s better than falling off the perch which is permanently off the radar.

Fall Into

Falling into a heap happens after yard work. (Why did I think it was a good idea to spread a bazillion yards of mulch in August?) I fall into a (speed) trap when I’m hurrying. (I’m a teacher, officer. Are you going to ticket me on Valentine’s Day? I have candy hearts to distribute!)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I wouldn’t want to fall down on the job!

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