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Frogs in the Fog

Green Mouth, the dominant leopard frog, ruled from deep within the lily pads.


Contender approached warily. Green Mouth rolled an evil eye in Contender’s direction. Contender retreated to the pond’s edge.

Dark Back

Shy Guy peeked from among the loose stones.


This amphibian drama played out in our renovated pond while I savored my coffee on the deck overlooking the pool.

Twin Brownies

Build it and they will come.

Channeling Dian Fossey I counted frogs, naming them as their numbers multiplied.

Brown Spotted 2

Step quickly or noisily and the camouflaged hoppers flung themselves into their watery home, sudden and energetic like determined popping corn.

Brownie Out Of Water

Move slowly and quietly and the leopard frogs rewarded me by continuing with their amphibian lives.


Like Dian Fossey I observed wildlife.

I observed the variation of coloring in the same species.

I observed the strong back legs and webbed feet.

Green Head

Unfortunately I also observed that the number of guppies that I released into the pond to keep the mosquitoes in check correlated inversely with the frog population.

More frogs. Fewer guppies.








8 thoughts on “Frogs in the Fog”

  1. Lacy stirred up a leapord frog as we walked down Serendipity Lane yesterday. Greetings were exchanged.. No names assigned as it hopped away into the milkweed bordering the road before we could become that familiar.


  2. Have you ever tasted frog legs? I’m told they taste like chicken. Are you planning a feast when the cold weather hits? Just wondering.


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