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Travel Travails: Pack Off These Packing Tips!

Always open for ideas to reduce the baggage I carry while traveling, I Googled “Packing Tips” and tried three of the bazillion suggestions. Here are the packing tips I tested. They failed miserably. 

Pack off these packing tips! 

Bulkiest Items

“Wear your bulkiest items on the plane. Layering also helps.”

Wearing my bulkiest items might arouse TSA’s curiosity. Then my muffled answers to their interrogation questions would be difficult for the agent to hear (unless he inserted the snorkeling tube into his ear).

However, layering my hat did add a dash of flair!

Although the adjustable straps would help should my feet swell in flight, traversing the terminal in fins would slow my pace.

Ditch that tip!

Pack Half

“Lay out everything you want to take and then only pack half.”

I tried this tip with my shoes.

Something was wrong. Then I noticed my mistake! I had packed all left shoes.

My solution posed quite the fashion faux pas.

Dump that suggestion!

Roll Your Clothes

“Roll your clothes instead of folding to save space.”

I rolled ALL my clothes tops, shorts, jeans, underwear, and pajamas together into 

A strapping sushi of attire!

A mammoth manicotti of garments!

A burly burrito of apparel!

No matter how I positioned the colossal column of clothes, my suitcase wouldn’t shut.

Discard that advice!

Unless my readers have creative packing tips to share, I’ll need to check my bag!

6 thoughts on “Travel Travails: Pack Off These Packing Tips!”

  1. 3 outfits plus the one you are wearing, a swimsuit and a large t shirt to sleep in or wear over your swimsuit. Buy the hat in Greece. Don’t take anything warm or dressy. Flip flops and hiking type sandals (wear these). The beaches are rocky. You’ll be fine. If this is too much, lose one outfit. Have fun. You can always go shopping.


  2. I’m using Marie Condo’s organizing, folding & packing tips, find on utube. This weekend was 1st time I used these folded clothes in my weekend duffle – it was wonderful! Could immediately see everything & could tell I had too many tops; when they’re rolled in a ball or stacked on top of each other I’m not usually so discerning. I’m bad about shoes, tho!!


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