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Pocket Money

While sipping a Caicos Sunset Rum Punch at the Da Conch Shack on Provo Island in the Turks & Caicos I dug my toes in the sand and enjoyed the view. Blues from sky and sea met golden beach dotted with dogs. 

Yes, dogs – potcake dogs. 

Potcake dogs are a smart, loyal and loving mixed breed of dog that evolved from generations of dogs from early island settlers. Locals fed the strays from the caked food at the bottom of their cooking pots. Hundreds of potcakes roamed the island. A half dozen sprawled in the sand yards from my table.

Sun, rum, and a passel of stray canine sunbathers belonging to no one but themselves invited the rum relaxed patrons to scratch their ears and rub bellies. 

As a dog aficionado life couldn’t get any better.

Then it did.

I felt a wad in the front pocket of the cargo shorts I hadn’t worn since late last summer. Thinking it a defunct grocery list I dug it out prepared to be amused with my list of needs from months ago. Instead, double folded cash pleasantly surprised me! 

Found money! Pocket change! A windfall!

Well, more like a breezestumble. Since the cash amounted to $31, it wasn’t a jackpot.

Still $31 was $31, and I carefully considered how to spend it or how to save it.

With time to spare and a second rum punch, I Googled “windfall”. Nerdwallet advised “Five Ways Not To Blow a Financial Windfall.” I perused the list.

Cushion Your Nest Egg

Unless I had timed the market and purchased Amazon in 1997 at $18 a share, $31 wouldn’t cushion my nest egg.

Pay Off Toxic Debt

All credit cards paid? Check!

Mortgage? Own it!

Home improvement loan? None!

The only debt I had was the bar bill, and I had allocated funds for THAT.

Build An Emergency Fund

I have laddered CD’s named “Emergency Fund.” Besides, how devastating of an emergency will $31 assuage? 

Invest In Yourself 

$31 might buy a manicure, but it wouldn’t pay for the dance lessons I’d considered.

Give Back

Right then. Dazzled by sea and sand and potcake dogs, donating $31 to charity felt right.  I Googled “Potcake Place,” a charity that rescues popcake pups. Their mission was to reduce the number of homeless dogs on the island. With adoption as an important part of the solution.

I donated $50 for “Puppy Rescue.” My donation will go toward “A de-flea bath, vaccination, worming, and antibiotics for a puppy brought in off the streets.”

I hope I find $19 in my other pair of shorts.

4 thoughts on “Pocket Money”

  1. Our pot cake dog spent her day getting groomed. she topped things off with a snack of shrimp egg foo young. We are thinking about opening a Go FundMe account for over indulged poodles.


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