Make Fully Dressed Spontaneous Pole Dancing the Next Phenomenon


Frozen Chooking?

I missed a few social media phenomenons lately.

Where was I in 2010 when Australians went all rigor mortis and photographed themselves in odd places? Jay-Z and Eminem knew about it. They sited planking in their songs “Gotta Have It” and “Rap God” respectively. (I know this because I read it in Wikipedia.)

Since I’m not sure what Jay-Z had to have and whom the Rap God is that Eminem is singing, I mean rapping, about that may be the answer. I was out of the social phenomenon loop. (In 2010 I listened to Bruce Springsteen’s remastered “Darkness at the Edge of Town” and there was no mention of planking.)

Post 16 Planking on Today's News Desk
An Austrailian newscaster demonstrates planking.

Planking is the practice of lying face down with hands touching the sides of your body imitating a wooden board, a plank. In 1984 in Edmonds, Washington two high school boys (Why does that not surprise me?) Scott Amy and Joel Marshall walked by a baseball game and laid face down to see if anyone would react. One Facebook page and 16 years later, Australia noticed and created a craze!

The competition of planking in unusual places fed the trend. Plankers posted themselves planking on camels, library shelves, and on the steps of the Taj Mahal.

(This fun activity is not to be confused with the plank exercise, which is not fun no matter where it’s executed.)

Planking came and went without my notice.

Then while researching chickens (for A Few Choice Words by Anita, Post 15) I stumbled upon “frozen chooking,” another social media phenomena that I missed. (Am I ALWAYS the last to know?)

This 2015 social media phenomenon began in New Zealand. Apparently after a night of

Post 16 Photo Frozen Chook
The naked human chook is deep in the woods. I didn’t want to include close ups of silly naked people in my blog. Search youtube for more chooking  shenanigans.

partying a New Zealander returned home and told his mates to check him out in a few minutes. He stripped down and curled into a fetal position with arms bent in imitation of a frozen chicken carcass. (Chook is New Zealandese for chicken.) Photos taken, dares met, Facebook page created and voila- a new social media phenomenon. Frozen chookers posed in forests, on farms, and outside KFCs. Apparently vegans viewed this activity as promoting veganism. Chalk one up for PETA.

Since I missed the boat on planking and there’s no way I’m posing as a naked chicken, I decided to be proactive and start my own social media phenomenon. It’s called “Fully Dressed Spontaneous Pole Dancing.” (I’m working on a snappier name.)

Post 16 Photo Poledancing in Ireland
Fully Dressed Spontaneous Pole Dancing in Ireland.



The seed for FDSPD was planted in Ireland with my friend, Karen. If I recall correctly, we pulled the car over to photograph flowers along a road. I spotted a sign and a trend was born!

The fledging FDSPD phenomenon needs your help to go viral!

So all 25 of my followers, find a pole like structure in a public area, curl around it in a pole dancing pose, and post a photo of yourself on the Fully Dressed Spontaneous Pole Dancing Facebook Page.

Please do NOT take your clothes off!








4 thoughts on “Make Fully Dressed Spontaneous Pole Dancing the Next Phenomenon”

  1. Passing on pole dancing (spontaneous or otherwise) until such time as a particular pole strikes my fancy. This could be a while.


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